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We go beONed just home solar installations.

We provide commercial, agricultural, and industrial solar solutions. We even taken care of your electrical work.

Residential Solar

Because switching to clean, renewable solar energy is the smart thing to do. Did you know that last year was a record year for residential solar installations across the country? With the help of local solar installation companies like beONed, more and more Texans are saving money and protecting the environment by making the switch. Learn more about what it means to live a sustainable lifestyle, and get a custom quote for installing solar panels in your home.

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Commercial Solar

With a clean and verifiable energy source, Texas businesses will be able to save significant costs on their energy bill with solar energy. Through our innovative customer-centric approach, we work with you to plan the perfect solar energy system to fit your needs.



We’re revolutionizing energy for industry. We handle solar installations and maintenance for all kinds of industrial companies across Texas from start to finish.

Sustainable Energy


Reliable energy for farms and ranches.

Our patented, turnkey technology and services make it possible for small to large scale farms, ranches, and vineyards to produce all of their own energy. 

Modern House

Smart Home Technology

We turn any home into an energy-efficient smart home. Low-voltage, networked, wireless systems that give you control of all your devices with a moment‘s notice. Experience intelligent living with our smart home systems.

Electric Cables

Electrical Services

Are you looking for electrical services? Harmful wiring conditions and breakages can present a major fire or shock hazard. The beONed team has years of experience and we employ only certified, experienced technicians to complete all electrical work. Contact us today to learn more about our services. We're here to help, so let's get started.

Save Money and Energy
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