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We turn any home into an energy-efficient smart home. Low-voltage, networked, wireless systems that give you control of all your devices with a moment‘s notice. Schedule lights to switch on when you come through the door, remotely open your garage door, or pick up a phone call in any room of your house with the touch of a button. And we don't stop there - we build smart custom solutions for any problem you can dream up.

Modern Home Entrance

Live Smarter,
Live Better

You deserve to live in a smart home that takes care of day-to-day tasks, leaving you more time to do things you love. Our systems sense when you are getting close and can let you know. With just the touch of a button, you can lock doors or adjust lighting so you feel right at home, even before you get there.

Smart Speaker

Easy Home Automation

Make the most of your time with smart automation throughout your home. From our motion detectors, door sensors and light switches to an ultra-secure voice control system, we integrate with leading products that help you live smarter. For everything else, our onsite experts will design and install a bespoke smart home solution that fits your household perfectly.

Image by Naomi Hébert

Intelligent Efficiency

The best part about smart home systems is their positive environmental impact. By controlling your home utilities, like temperature and lights, from your phone or through the use of sensors, you can create a more efficient home and reduce waste. After all, what’s the point of heating, cooling, or lighting rooms you’re not using, especially when you’re not home? Smart home systems aren’t just better for your wallet, they’re better for the planet.

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We build smart custom solutions for any problem you can dream up. Get a custom quote!

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